Sunday, June 14, 2009

APS Incentives for Solar Energy

With at least 300 days of sunshine each year, it’s easy to see why solar makes sense for Arizona. Whether you are using the sun to create electricity to power your home or business, or using the heat of the sun to meet your hot water needs, the advances in solar technology over the past decade make it a smarter way than ever to cut your energy expenses while making a positive impact on Arizona’s environment. Find out more about how we can help you harness the power of renewable electric; while reducing your long term utility costs. Visit us at or email We are working hard to make the planet more green…one solar system at a time, join our efforts today and my the world a better place for your grandchildren. Check out what APS offers on their website with a taster below.
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APS incentives along with possible Federal and State tax credits can also make solar an affordable option in meeting your energy needs. For descriptions of available incentives see the Residential or Non-Residential incentive charts.
Only systems installed within APS territory are eligible for these incentives.State service area mapMetro-Phoenix service area map
Residential OptionsThere are currently three options available for residential customers to participate in the APS Renewable Incentive Program:
Photovoltaic System – Residential
Solar Water Heating System – Residential
Solar Space Heating – Residential
Non-Residential OptionsMany incentive options are available for business customers including:
Photovoltaic System – Non-residential
Solar Water Heating Systems – Non-residential
Solar Pool Heating – Non-residential
Solar Process & Space Cooling – Non-residential
Solar Process & Space Heating – Non-residential
Solar Daylighting – Non-residential
Financing or lease options may also be available to you from your installer or financial institution that can help lower the upfront cost of solar installations. If you will be connecting to the APS grid, you will need to follow these interconnection instructions whether you are taking advantage of the APS Incentive Program or not.
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